Real Estate and Mortgage – One Stop Shop

We had gotten a mortgage before with Steve, Lenny and his team, so when it came time to find a realtor, we turned to the team at HCM Real Estate again. Their enthusiasm about the real estate industry is energizing. The home we decided we wanted had only been on the market a few days and already had 5 or 6 offers. Due to Steve’s knowledge and experience in a highly competitive market, he and his team were able to develop a strategy that got us the property. Steve was extremely professional and efficient in presenting the offer to the seller, and was very prompt in coordinating all of the escrow conditions.

We also took out our mortgage through their in-house broker Sav-More Financial as they had a wide range of lenders to choose from. They thoroughly explained the mortgage process with a great deal of honesty and didn’t mind us asking a lot of questions. We had some credit problems in the past, but they were still able to find a lender that could offer us a mortgage at a competitive rate.

We HIGHLY recommend HCM Real Estate for all your real estate needs!